This person will:

Report to the senior editor and work with the reporters to support the editorial team throughout the research and publishing process.
Line edit individual news stories and correct grammatical or accuracy errors.
Help manage a docket of stories from concept to publication.
Prepare or give input on social media copy and headlines, among other editorial assets.
Assemble podcast topics, source contact information, editorial resources, or other administrative needs of the editorial team.
Assist in research for the editorial team ahead of radio spots, guest interviews, events, or stories.

Successful applicants will have:

A Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience.
An enthusiasm for telling the real stories that affect everyday Texans.
A compelling command of the English language and the ability to communicate clearly, effectively, and engagingly using the written word.
A zeal for fact-checking and research.
The ability to handle multiple projects and stories simultaneously and professionally.
The willingness, commitment, and stamina to work whenever and wherever there is a story.
Familiarity with public policy or Texas politics and/or experience in a newsroom and fast-paced world of journalism.
The ability to work effectively within time constraints and deadlines.
The independence of a self-starter while still engaging in selfless collaboration with a close-knit team.
The willingness to move to Austin, Texas.

Interested parties should contact: Daniel Akeroyd — [email protected]

Tagged as: Writing, Writing/Editing

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